Building brands with purpose and passion


JMC Marketing will help you build your brand with purpose and passion. Starting with your website design, as it is the steppingstone of your business it’s your biggest brand identifier bringing traffic and monetizing your business more. Along with giving your business noticed on google or any search engine which is one of the hardest things to do, so we will take the stress off of your shoulders as an business owner.

  • Get your unique website done including payments directly, and analytics to keep track of how much your business is growing.
  • Powering your business so it could be monetized even more, by driving quality traffic to your business along with accepting payments, with 200GB of storage allowing you to add as much as you want to your website.
  • Sell your product or service online with premium integrations including SEO, and marketing/site editor
Marketing/Site editor
  • Allows you to have your business advertised on social media platforms, along with keeping your website up to date and looking fresh.